Florian & Odilia HECKENHOF

We live on a small farm in the middle of a long, stretched-out village at the foot of the Rotstein in the Oberlausitz. The vegetation is lush and vibrant with many tall, old trees sheltering our humble abode. New, young saplings reach bravely up the hillside, creating a haven of biodiversity and a hedgerow border to enable our patch of land to thrive.

We took our plot of land out of a long-term contract with the local farm cooperative in 2013 and began to revitalise the depleted soil. Through a stroke of good fortune we were then able to have a hedge planted around it, fully financed by an Ausgleichsmaßnahme [STAATSBETRIEB ZENTRALES FLÄCHENMANAGEMENT SACHSEN (ZFM), formerly Sächsische Landsiedlung GmbH].

We came here in 2012 on a journey to find a piece of land to call our own. The Heckenhof has now become our home, the birthplace of our last daughter and the source of our livelihood and inspiration.

Our CSA project was launched in the spring of 2013 with 10 members and rapidly grew to 40. We have remained around 40 ever since. The group grows with the project, deepening their involvement as time goes by.

Our journey continues and ripens as our farm takes shape. We are very grateful to have the freedom to work and play in such a beautiful, natural environment with so many dedicated and inspiring people and in an area so full of potential.

Sohland am Rotstein